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Improving the educational experiences of all young people is crucial to addressing a range of societal challenges e.g. reducing social inequalities, improving well-being of young people, enhancing career opportunities. Our research informs the development and enactment of curriculum, pedagogy and policy that improves educational experiences for all. Research within the Collective explores the development and enactment of educational policy, the relationship between policy, research and practice, and the evidence-informed design and evaluation of learning and teaching, with a particular focus on science and mathematics education.

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Dr Matt Homer publishes new paper on setting standards for medical trainees

Congratulations to Dr Matt Homer on his new published paper in Medical Teacher - Setting defensible minimum-stations-passed standards in OSCE-type assessments This paper discusses how we set standards in exams for medical trainees, and it proposes a better method for part of how we do this. It uses statistical modelling of a large exam data...

Congratulations to Betzabe Torres Olave on her latest publication, Reflecting on Friere: A praxis of radical love and critical hope for science education

Reflecting on Freire: a praxis of radical love and critical hope for science education - Cultural Studies of Science Education In this introductory manuscript, we present our vision for this special issue as a space for cultivating collective becomings in/with love, critical hope, and solidarity. We also contemplate our intentions and goals for putting together...

Matt Homer invited to talk at the Centre for Educational Management, University of Oslo

Matt Homer has been invited in April to the Centre for Educational Measurement at the University of Oslo. He will be giving a talk on the work he has done over the last few years on assessor variation in their judgments in examinations, and the impact this has on assessment outcomes. The context is in...

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POSTPONED - Schools as Enabling Spaces to Improve Learning and Health-Related Quality of Life for Primary School Children in Rural Communities in South Africa

Please note - this event has now been postponed.  An Autumn date will soon be released.   Please click here...

A Load of Bumfuzzling Faradiddle: An Exploration of Language and Creativity in Science Education - Dr Simon Rees, Durham University

The School of Education Collective for Curriculum, Pedagogy and Policy (CCPP) is hosting this seminar, presented by Dr Simon Rees...

Nature Matters – Reconceptualising Nature in Environmental Education

School of Education Doctoral Student, Sam Lee, will present this School of Education Research Seminar on Thursday 18th May at...

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