The Centre for Curriculum, Pedagogy and Policy is a leading research centre studying the overlapping themes of curriculum and pedagogy, and the development and enactment of education policy.

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Our research examines the overlapping themes of curriculum and pedagogy. We are interested in young people’s experiences of curriculum including both learning and attitudinal outcomes. We also study the role of the teacher in supporting student learning. A key research focus is the development and enactment of education policy around curriculum, pedagogy and assessment within formal education settings.


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This seminar will be given by three current Postgraduate Researchers in the School of Education, University of Leeds: Huiming Ding:...


Recommendations in numerous curricular documents around the globe suggest a movement toward science teaching that immerses students in doing science...


The accountability system used to judge England’s schools is on the move. HM Chief Inspector of Schools has said that...


This seminar takes a look at findings from our three-year mixed methods project examining the successes of and challenges facing...