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Congratulations to Betzabe Torres Olave on her latest publication, Reflecting on Friere: A praxis of radical love and critical hope for science education

In this introductory manuscript, we present our vision for this special issue as a space for cultivating collective becomings in/with love, critical hope, and solidarity. We also contemplate our intentions and goals for putting together a special issue such as this one. We then take a position as insider–outsiders of science education, moved by values such as attention, humility, and risk, and vulnerability, and to learn and be taught by others. After developing those ideas, we draw from the critical imaginations of authors in this special issue to reflect on what a praxis of radical love looks like as/for science and education. Finally, we present the four themes that form this special issue: Science curriculum for conscientização: counter-narratives from the field; transgressing and building solidarities across borders in science education; grassroots and collective becomings; dialogues with Freire; and intersections of critical pedagogy with other critical philosophical approaches.