ERME Topic Conference 2020


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9th ERME Topic Conference: Perspectives on conceptual understanding of flexibility, number sense and mastery in arithmetic

11-14 May 2020 – University of Leeds, UK

The ERME (European Society for Research in Mathematics Education) Topic Thematic Working Group 02 ‘Arithmetic and Number Systems’ is pleased to announce the 9th ERME Topic Conference on ‘Perspectives on conceptual understanding of flexibility, number sense and mastery in arithmetic’, which will be hosted by the School of Education, University of Leeds.

11 May 2020 – New Researchers’ Day

12-14 May 2020 – Main Conference

For more information and to submit a paper or poster proposal, see the call for papers.

International Programme Committee:

  1. Judy Sayers – UK & SE (Conference Leader and TWG2 Co-Leader)
  2. Elisabeth Rathgeb-Schnierer – Germany (Co-leader & TWG2 Leader)
  3. Renata Carvalho – Portugal (TWG2 Co-Leader)
  4. Beatriz Vargas Dorneles – Brazil (TWG2 Co-Leader)
  5. Andrea Maffia – Italy (ERME board Young Researcher)
  6. Nathalie Sinclair – Canada (Co-Leader of TWG16)
  7. Paul Andrews – Sweden (Leader of TWG11 2019)

Important dates:

  • 16th December 2019: Deadline for initial abstract submission by authors AND initial poster outline submission by new researchers for the New Researchers’ Day discussions
  • 13th January 2020: Initial decisions on abstracts and posters sent
  • 14th February 2020: Early bird registration closes
  • 28th February 2020: Authors submit a revised version if needed
  • 15th March: Registration closes
  • 16th March 2020: Final decisions sent
  • 20th April 2020: Abstracts and poster outlines available on Conference website