Improving the educational experiences of all young people is crucial to addressing a range of societal challenges e.g. reducing social inequalities, improving well-being of young people, enhancing career opportunities. Our research informs the development and enactment of curriculum, pedagogy and policy that improves educational experiences for all. Research within the Centre explores the development and enactment of educational policy, the relationship between policy, research and practice, and the evidence-informed design and evaluation of learning and teaching, with a particular focus on science and mathematics education.

Our research is organised across three overlapping themes:

  • Learner Experiences in Education Settings
  • Education Policy Enactment
  • Teachers and Teacher Change

The Centre brings together researchers in education, social scientists, policymakers and practitioners, and seeks to actively link education research with a wide range of research users. The Centre is part of several national, regional and international networks and also has strong links with local schools.

Centre Director:  Jim Ryder